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Each year I make several Special Edition Kazoos to celebrate various holidays and special events.  This includes National Kazoo Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and other special days.   Generally these are unique kazoo designs that are only made once.  Right now I am working on this year's Special Edition Christmas Kazoo which is both a one of a kind Christmas Kazoo and a new FatBoy Kazoo Design.  It is a sculpted one of a kind Collector's FatBoy Kazoo with an absolutely beautiful wood grain/knot pattern and color.

I call this new design the "Convertable" FatBoy Kazoo for two reasons.  First it because it converts from an acoustic to an electric kazoo, which in itself is not a new design as I already have an acoustic/electric Performer FatBoy Kazoo in the kazoo factory catalog. There is also another convertable feature of this new FatBoy design.  It can be mounted in a standard Hohner Harmonica Neck Holder on either the mouth or vent side of the resonator cap.  The original design of the FatBoy Kazoo only offers mounting in the neck holder on the vent side of the resonator cap which results in about 2.5" of the kazoo mouth end extending beyond the neck holder.  When mounted on the mouth side of the kazoo less than an inch of the mouth end extends beyond the neck holder.  This more similar to that of a harmonica.

This kazoo will come with two resonator caps.  One acoustic and one electric to fit the Hummbucker Kazoo Pickup/Mic available at Kazoobie Kazoo. You can play acoustic with either resonator cap but the Hummbucker will only fit the Electric Resonator Cap.  It also comes with a beautiful matching wooden display stand.  The Hummbucker Kazoo Pickup/Mic is not included with this kazoo and must be purchased separately.  They are are available at KAZOOBIE KAZOO   and some other great electric kazoo stuff too!!

This Special Collector Edition "Convertable" FatBoy Christmas 2013 Kazoo, Serial Number 001, will be finished and available in my ArtFire Shop sometime in October 2013.

Acoustic Resonator Cap On Kazoo

Electric Resonator Cap On Kazoo

Stand, Body and both Resonator Caps

Stand, Body and both Resonator Caps

On January 1, 2014 a new Performer Design "Convertable" FatBoy Kazoo with dual mounting locations will be available in the kazoo factory catalog.  At that time all other FatBoy Kazoos models will have an option for selecting the location of a mounting point for the harmonica neck holder,  either on the mouth or vent side of the kazoo resonator cap at no additional cost.

So be sure and keep an eye out for this one!  It will make a beautiful Christmas gift for for everyone especially performing musicians and collectors.  The FatBoy Family of Kazoos are my most popular instruments literally around the world.

Happy Kazooing to All!

Here is a picture of a previous Acoustic/Electric Collector FatBoy Kazoo.  This kazoo has been sold and is not available.  I added this picture to demonstrate how the Hummbucker mounts to the kazoo.
This picture shows a traditional Collector FatBoy with mounting on vent side 
of the resonator cap.  It is used for demonstrating the Hummbucker Kazoo
Pickup/Mic attached to the kazoo. 
Hummbucker Kazoo Pickup/Mics are available at

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