Saturday, August 16, 2014


First afternoon storm just passed through with a bunch more rain. Yesterday we had over 2" of rain!  Nothing like sideways rain! LOL

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Ready Made Kazoos Available Now


Be sure and check out these new READY MADE FOLK KAZOOS in the
ArtFire Studio Shop.  These kazoos are all ready for immediate shipping!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Kazoo Review from Kevin Foster

Thank you Kevin for your fantastic review of your Captain Kazooz Kazoo.  I am so happy to hear that it surpassed your expectations in all respects and that you are having a lot of fun with it.

Happy Kazooing
Doc Kazoo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Half Century of Kazoo Making!

Today I got to thinking about kazoo making and when I made my first one. It was way back in late summer of 1963 in my dad's workshop back in North Carolina and probably mid August. This year makes 53 years of kazoo making!!!  So I figured after over a half century of kazoo making this needed celebration with the First Annual Factory Birthday Kazoo and also a Kazoo Sale!

So from July 15-August 15 2014 you are invited to take advantage of a 10% discount on any order in the ArtFire Studio Shop. 

Just enter the Discount Code: BIRTHDAY at Check Out. All Caps.

The first annual Kazoo Factory Kazoo will the the Collectors Pocket Concert Kazoo I am presently making. This is going to be a beautiful "one of a kind" performer quality folk kazoo! It will be finished and and available in the ArtFire Studio Shop this week!

Visit the ArtFire Studio Shop at:

Happy Kazooing and Happy Birthday!
Doc Kazoo

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Five Stars from Doc Kazoo

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher 
A+ BBB Rating!

My BTG Computers!!

Several years ago I purchased my first computer for the Kazoo Factory at Blair Technology Group.  This is an old "workhorse" Dell D610 with Windows XP operating system.  For a long time this old Dell Laptop handled 100% of everything all by itself.  Some task it was forced to do really tested it's capabilities!  Especially when it came to video editing/production.  Which I do a lot of with the Kazoo Update Videos.  A 7-8 minute video could take a couple hours to render once the editing was complete and an hour or more to upload to my YouTube Channel.

Last year I added a Dell D430 with Windows 7 primarily for video editing/production.  Which has reduced the time for getting a video edited/produced and posted on YouTube cut dramatically, 50-75% faster!  Today I finished getting a new BTG Dell E6400 with Windows 7 all setup and online that's primarily for all the administrative stuff.  Such as website maintenance, order processing, shipping, emails, etc.  Ms. Kazoo also has two BTG Desk Top Computers she uses with the Flute Files Music Shop writing arrangements and as midi interface with her keyboard..So I have around five years or so experience with Blair Technology Group and with five computers now.  Three Laptops and two Desktops!  I am very happy to say we both have been 100% Satisfied with their computers and after the sale customer service!  I don't think that I could have found any better source for our computers.

In terms of the quality of their computers  I have only had two problems over the years.   First was with a power supply for the D610.  I emailed them and received a new one in just a few days.  The other was with my recent purchase, the D6400.  Had trouble with it locking up for no apparent reason.  Emailed BTG they sent me a FedEx Shipping label.  I shipped the computer and they received it on Tuesday.  I received a replacement on Friday, the same week!!!  Which works perfectly.  No crisis, no questions just GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE on both occasions!

Being an old retired sailor living on my pension I have to watch my pennies. When it comes to spending several hundred or a thousand dollars on a new computer that's kinda out of the question.  I did a lot of window shopping before I purchased a refurbished computer.  There's lots of them out there and Ebay is full of "great deals" :-) on used computers but what grabbed my attention about BTG is they are one of the very few Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the United States!   That says a lot since there are only about 20 of them!

If you are looking to add a computer to your home network or even replace your only computer that crashed or is just too slow for the newer software.  I highly recommend that you take a look at Blair Technology, either at there Website Store or their Ebay Store.

A big thanks to all the folks at BTG for a great product at a fantastic price and top knotch Customer Service!

Doc Kazoo

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Day of Memories - Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day is a very personal day for this old sailor.  Each year my mind goes back in time as I remember shipmates with whom I sailed, but never returned to homeport with the ship and crew.  A few I knew, a few I didn't.. A few that I knew long ago, but time and age have erased the memory of their names and their faces.

   One I do remember in name and face.  I was a young sailor attached to an Attack Squadron in the Tonkin Gulf.  He was one of our pilots I had come to know as my division officer.  He was shot down over Hanoi and never returned to the ship and as far as I know, never returned to the United States and remains where he died.  During the height of the Cold War Three others I knew when attached to an antisubmarine warfare squadron .  Pilot, co-pilot and senso tech rest in their aircraft at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, and so many I didn't know.  Those shipmates blown off a flight deck during night flight ops in the North Atlantic.  The shipmate on a fast frigate also washed overboard while on midwatch in a stormy North Atlantic.   Each one of these men made the ultimate sacrifice.  No individual died more gallant than the other.  They all died the same, in the service of our nation.  Each one had family, had life plans and career goals.  Each one died bravely and still remain at sea with no gravestone or flowers.  Each one with honor and dignity in our service.  Today I think of each of you.

  May God bless everyone and your Memorial Day weekend be filled with joy and laughter.  My shipmates would want it that way!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,
The Old Sailor

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tropical Hours At The Kazoo Factory


This picture was taken at 2:00 pm today, 100F and over 90% humidity.  These readings normally don't start until late May/early July.  The weather forecast for next week is even more hot.  Each year when it starts getting really hot in the workshop I move into what I call Tropical Hours.  Which means that around 2:00 pm I knock off work and take an afternoon siesta in the air conditioning at the house! :-)  It just gets too hot in the workshop.   Around 5:00 pm I will head back to the workshop and  work an hour or two as necessary.

This may be just temporary until this heat wave arrives and departs.  If temperatures return to normal I will return to normal workshop hours.

Tropical Hours has no effect on order shipping time 
of 7-10 days specified in my ArtFire Studio.  Tropical Hours is one reason that I specify 7-10 days handling time for shipping.  

Happy Kazooing To All!


Monday, April 14, 2014

The New Student Folk Kazoo

A big old Doc Kazoo Thank You to all the new Doc Kazoo Student Kazoo owners!  The welcome you have given the Student Folk Kazoo the past few weeks is greatly appreciated.  A month or so ago I introduced this very special new kazoo design.  At least it's real special to me.  I wanted to have a performer quality wooden folk kazoo available at the lowest possible price.  Thinking back to when I was a kid of Saturday visit to the Dime Store with my 50 cents weekly allowance and the treasure I would take home from the toy department that would drive my mom crazy!! LOL A beautiful red metal kazoo.  Well you sure won't get much of a kazoo for 50 cents these days and I think I probably got a little change for my 50 cent piece that day.

The response to the Student Folk Kazoo identified a wee problem with time management.  Plain and simple when coupled with other Special Order Custom Kazoos I am making there is just not time to provide the update videos for the Student Folk Kazoos.  It takes quite a bit of time to make the update videos.  So I have removed the Student Folk Kazoo as a Special Order Kazoo from my ArtFire Shop and replaced it with a listing for Ready Made Student Folk Kazoos.  As of this posting there are five available and I will will be keeping some in the shop ready for immediate shipping.

You can find the Student Folk Kazoo listing in my ArtFire Shop at:

I regret having to do away with the Student Folk Kazoo update videos.  So hade produced a video that covers everything normally seen in the Special Order Kazoo Update 3 Video Series.  It's just in a more condensed form.   Here is a link for the new Student Folk Kazoo Video:

The Aswego Wooden Student Folk Kazoo is a great instrument to introduce students of all ages to the warmth and tone of  the wooden folk kazoo.  For many it may be the only wooden kazoo they will ever want or need.  At 4" long it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.  If you need hands free kazoo playing it will also fit the Hohner Harmonica Neck Holder (HH01) and any other brand of a similar design.  Like all of my kazoo designs, the Student Folk Kazoo has a beautiful dynamic range, lots of power and great control through the dynamic range at all power levels.  Powered with my handmade resonator membranes I don't think you will find a better sounding, more responsive or beautiful wooden folk kazoo at such a great price.

Thanks again and Happy Kazooing to All!
Doc Kazoo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Manitoba Hal On Tour!

Here's one fantastic entertainer! If you get near a show be sure and check him out!  One heck of a ukulele player!

Manitoba Hal - Grassy Knoll and other roadside attractions: The tour has rolled on through Dallas and I've had a great time. I gave two workshops. One advanced improvisation workshop and a beginn...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The New Doc Kazoo Student Kazoo

I am very happy to announce that the Doc Kazoo Student Folk Kazoo is now available in my ArtFire Shop!!

Just click on the pictures to visit the ArtFire Shop Listing.  


"When just any kazoo won't do Google Doc Kazoo!"

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dormer Frange Gate

I enjoy many styles of music from bluegrass to classical and lots in between.  I have been following dormer for a year or so now and love the creativity of their music.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kazoos Down Under in Australia - Warranambool Ukulele Group

From time to time I have had the pleasure of making kazoos for performing groups ranging from 15 for ladies Folk Instrument Orchestra with the Daughter's of the American Revolution Chapter up home in South Carolina two 25 for the Kids Church Kazoo Choir at a church here in Florida. Those are always fun to make! 

This morning I also want to send a huge Welcome to The Workshop to a few of the members of Warranambool Ukulele Group down under in Australia. This week I will have Paula, Pam, Marianne, Annie, Ray and Victor visiting the workshop as I make their kazoos!  A beautiful assortment of FatBoy designs.

Paula is a returning Aswego Kazooist for a Pocket FatBoy to go with her Performer FatBoy! The only thing better than a wooden folk kazoo is more than one!

Happy Kazooing and Cheers!


Be sure and check out this great festival these guys just held. Sure looks like a great time was had by all!!!

This is just plain old great!!! :-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


This marks our seventh year here on the Aswego Homestead and hosting the website.  The real life Aswego Homestead is located out in the country on five acres of beautiful Florida woodland at Lake Seneca, Florida.   

The purple plaque you see in the picture above is one that I cast in a portland cement mix and hand painted our first year on the homestead.  It hangs by the front door.  The tree started out as a doodle I was drawing this morning waiting on the sun to warm the morning freezing cold.  I was really pleased with the end results and was working on a monthly website update.  So I decided to make this the new Aswego Homestead Icon for the website!  

The website is home to both the Kazoo Factory and Homestead Music. Be sure and stop by the website for a look around.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this cold weather.  
Happy Kazooing,

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Don't forget National Kazoo Day 2014 is just around the corner and there's still time to celebrate with a beautiful handmade wooden folk kazoo from the Original American Wooden Folk Kazoo Factory!

In celebration of National Kazoo Day I am very happy to announce a 10% Discount on all kazoos in my ArtFire Shop.  

At Check Out just enter:  

Discount Code : KAZOODAY 

This discount code is valid through 01/31/14
One use per customer.

Happy Kazooing and Happy National Kazoo Day 2014
Doc Kazoo
Great Aswego Kazoo Factory

Friday, January 3, 2014



Well it's hard to believe that another year has past and a new one just starting.  After being around for 63 New Year Days now they seem to come and go much faster each year.  2012 just seemed to fly by!  Today has been our coldest of the year and I was forced to keep the workshop closed.  After over ten decades of use and abuse this old kazoo maker just can't handle the cold.  I remember many years ago being told by an orthopedic surgeon that when I turned 60 I would pay for all the fun I was having. LOL  He was right. LOL  It was just too cold in the workshop to make kazoos today.

So I was sitting around playing a little guitar and ukulele, humming a little kazoo and thinking about all the really nice people I had the pleasure of meeting last year while making their kazoos.  It sure was a lot of fun for me and I hope it was just as much fun for everyone.  From the feedback I have received it seems that it was and every one really enjoyed watching the video updates while I was making their kazoos.  I am so appreciative of the very positive comments that I have received from everyone about their visits to the workshop. Since deciding to offer my kazoos online my goal has been to always be more than just a website with a shopping cart and to create unique performer quality traditional handmade wooden folk kazoos. This will always be my goal.

I wish it were possible to thank each one of you individually and in person for allowing me the pleasure of making your kazoos last year and to share with you the old fashioned Carolina Style of folk kazoo making.  I just wish it were possible to include in a video the beautiful smell of the workshop.  In my mind there is no prettier smell than a woodworking shop. 

I would also like to thank the Ukulele Players and Ukulele Groups around the world for the warm welcome you have given me and my kazoos.  I don't believe I have met a finer group of people anywhere at any time of my life.  I love people that know how to have fun and I have yet to meet a ukulele player who wasn't superb at the art of having fun!  And thanks to those of you have helped the novice ukulele player discover the beauty of our humble instruments.  There is truly no better combination than the ukulele and kazoo for having fun!!!

Don't forget that National Kazoo Day 2014 is just around the corner!  Get those kazoos all tuned up and ready to celebrate!!!

Be sure and stop by the Kazoo Factory Facebook Page often to see what's going in the workshop.  I never know what will be going on from day to day. 

NEW! 11" Buskers Collaboration Kazoo UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW

May each of you have a great 2014!
Happy Kazooing!