Sunday, June 29, 2014

Five Stars from Doc Kazoo

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher 
A+ BBB Rating!

My BTG Computers!!

Several years ago I purchased my first computer for the Kazoo Factory at Blair Technology Group.  This is an old "workhorse" Dell D610 with Windows XP operating system.  For a long time this old Dell Laptop handled 100% of everything all by itself.  Some task it was forced to do really tested it's capabilities!  Especially when it came to video editing/production.  Which I do a lot of with the Kazoo Update Videos.  A 7-8 minute video could take a couple hours to render once the editing was complete and an hour or more to upload to my YouTube Channel.

Last year I added a Dell D430 with Windows 7 primarily for video editing/production.  Which has reduced the time for getting a video edited/produced and posted on YouTube cut dramatically, 50-75% faster!  Today I finished getting a new BTG Dell E6400 with Windows 7 all setup and online that's primarily for all the administrative stuff.  Such as website maintenance, order processing, shipping, emails, etc.  Ms. Kazoo also has two BTG Desk Top Computers she uses with the Flute Files Music Shop writing arrangements and as midi interface with her keyboard..So I have around five years or so experience with Blair Technology Group and with five computers now.  Three Laptops and two Desktops!  I am very happy to say we both have been 100% Satisfied with their computers and after the sale customer service!  I don't think that I could have found any better source for our computers.

In terms of the quality of their computers  I have only had two problems over the years.   First was with a power supply for the D610.  I emailed them and received a new one in just a few days.  The other was with my recent purchase, the D6400.  Had trouble with it locking up for no apparent reason.  Emailed BTG they sent me a FedEx Shipping label.  I shipped the computer and they received it on Tuesday.  I received a replacement on Friday, the same week!!!  Which works perfectly.  No crisis, no questions just GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE on both occasions!

Being an old retired sailor living on my pension I have to watch my pennies. When it comes to spending several hundred or a thousand dollars on a new computer that's kinda out of the question.  I did a lot of window shopping before I purchased a refurbished computer.  There's lots of them out there and Ebay is full of "great deals" :-) on used computers but what grabbed my attention about BTG is they are one of the very few Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the United States!   That says a lot since there are only about 20 of them!

If you are looking to add a computer to your home network or even replace your only computer that crashed or is just too slow for the newer software.  I highly recommend that you take a look at Blair Technology, either at there Website Store or their Ebay Store.

A big thanks to all the folks at BTG for a great product at a fantastic price and top knotch Customer Service!

Doc Kazoo

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