Sunday, July 13, 2014

Half Century of Kazoo Making!

Today I got to thinking about kazoo making and when I made my first one. It was way back in late summer of 1963 in my dad's workshop back in North Carolina and probably mid August. This year makes 53 years of kazoo making!!!  So I figured after over a half century of kazoo making this needed celebration with the First Annual Factory Birthday Kazoo and also a Kazoo Sale!

So from July 15-August 15 2014 you are invited to take advantage of a 10% discount on any order in the ArtFire Studio Shop. 

Just enter the Discount Code: BIRTHDAY at Check Out. All Caps.

The first annual Kazoo Factory Kazoo will the the Collectors Pocket Concert Kazoo I am presently making. This is going to be a beautiful "one of a kind" performer quality folk kazoo! It will be finished and and available in the ArtFire Studio Shop this week!

Visit the ArtFire Studio Shop at:

Happy Kazooing and Happy Birthday!
Doc Kazoo

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