Sunday, January 19, 2014


This marks our seventh year here on the Aswego Homestead and hosting the website.  The real life Aswego Homestead is located out in the country on five acres of beautiful Florida woodland at Lake Seneca, Florida.   

The purple plaque you see in the picture above is one that I cast in a portland cement mix and hand painted our first year on the homestead.  It hangs by the front door.  The tree started out as a doodle I was drawing this morning waiting on the sun to warm the morning freezing cold.  I was really pleased with the end results and was working on a monthly website update.  So I decided to make this the new Aswego Homestead Icon for the website!  

The website is home to both the Kazoo Factory and Homestead Music. Be sure and stop by the website for a look around.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this cold weather.  
Happy Kazooing,

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