Friday, January 3, 2014



Well it's hard to believe that another year has past and a new one just starting.  After being around for 63 New Year Days now they seem to come and go much faster each year.  2012 just seemed to fly by!  Today has been our coldest of the year and I was forced to keep the workshop closed.  After over ten decades of use and abuse this old kazoo maker just can't handle the cold.  I remember many years ago being told by an orthopedic surgeon that when I turned 60 I would pay for all the fun I was having. LOL  He was right. LOL  It was just too cold in the workshop to make kazoos today.

So I was sitting around playing a little guitar and ukulele, humming a little kazoo and thinking about all the really nice people I had the pleasure of meeting last year while making their kazoos.  It sure was a lot of fun for me and I hope it was just as much fun for everyone.  From the feedback I have received it seems that it was and every one really enjoyed watching the video updates while I was making their kazoos.  I am so appreciative of the very positive comments that I have received from everyone about their visits to the workshop. Since deciding to offer my kazoos online my goal has been to always be more than just a website with a shopping cart and to create unique performer quality traditional handmade wooden folk kazoos. This will always be my goal.

I wish it were possible to thank each one of you individually and in person for allowing me the pleasure of making your kazoos last year and to share with you the old fashioned Carolina Style of folk kazoo making.  I just wish it were possible to include in a video the beautiful smell of the workshop.  In my mind there is no prettier smell than a woodworking shop. 

I would also like to thank the Ukulele Players and Ukulele Groups around the world for the warm welcome you have given me and my kazoos.  I don't believe I have met a finer group of people anywhere at any time of my life.  I love people that know how to have fun and I have yet to meet a ukulele player who wasn't superb at the art of having fun!  And thanks to those of you have helped the novice ukulele player discover the beauty of our humble instruments.  There is truly no better combination than the ukulele and kazoo for having fun!!!

Don't forget that National Kazoo Day 2014 is just around the corner!  Get those kazoos all tuned up and ready to celebrate!!!

Be sure and stop by the Kazoo Factory Facebook Page often to see what's going in the workshop.  I never know what will be going on from day to day. 

NEW! 11" Buskers Collaboration Kazoo UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW

May each of you have a great 2014!
Happy Kazooing!

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