Monday, April 14, 2014

The New Student Folk Kazoo

A big old Doc Kazoo Thank You to all the new Doc Kazoo Student Kazoo owners!  The welcome you have given the Student Folk Kazoo the past few weeks is greatly appreciated.  A month or so ago I introduced this very special new kazoo design.  At least it's real special to me.  I wanted to have a performer quality wooden folk kazoo available at the lowest possible price.  Thinking back to when I was a kid of Saturday visit to the Dime Store with my 50 cents weekly allowance and the treasure I would take home from the toy department that would drive my mom crazy!! LOL A beautiful red metal kazoo.  Well you sure won't get much of a kazoo for 50 cents these days and I think I probably got a little change for my 50 cent piece that day.

The response to the Student Folk Kazoo identified a wee problem with time management.  Plain and simple when coupled with other Special Order Custom Kazoos I am making there is just not time to provide the update videos for the Student Folk Kazoos.  It takes quite a bit of time to make the update videos.  So I have removed the Student Folk Kazoo as a Special Order Kazoo from my ArtFire Shop and replaced it with a listing for Ready Made Student Folk Kazoos.  As of this posting there are five available and I will will be keeping some in the shop ready for immediate shipping.

You can find the Student Folk Kazoo listing in my ArtFire Shop at:

I regret having to do away with the Student Folk Kazoo update videos.  So hade produced a video that covers everything normally seen in the Special Order Kazoo Update 3 Video Series.  It's just in a more condensed form.   Here is a link for the new Student Folk Kazoo Video:

The Aswego Wooden Student Folk Kazoo is a great instrument to introduce students of all ages to the warmth and tone of  the wooden folk kazoo.  For many it may be the only wooden kazoo they will ever want or need.  At 4" long it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.  If you need hands free kazoo playing it will also fit the Hohner Harmonica Neck Holder (HH01) and any other brand of a similar design.  Like all of my kazoo designs, the Student Folk Kazoo has a beautiful dynamic range, lots of power and great control through the dynamic range at all power levels.  Powered with my handmade resonator membranes I don't think you will find a better sounding, more responsive or beautiful wooden folk kazoo at such a great price.

Thanks again and Happy Kazooing to All!
Doc Kazoo

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