Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tropical Hours At The Kazoo Factory


This picture was taken at 2:00 pm today, 100F and over 90% humidity.  These readings normally don't start until late May/early July.  The weather forecast for next week is even more hot.  Each year when it starts getting really hot in the workshop I move into what I call Tropical Hours.  Which means that around 2:00 pm I knock off work and take an afternoon siesta in the air conditioning at the house! :-)  It just gets too hot in the workshop.   Around 5:00 pm I will head back to the workshop and  work an hour or two as necessary.

This may be just temporary until this heat wave arrives and departs.  If temperatures return to normal I will return to normal workshop hours.

Tropical Hours has no effect on order shipping time 
of 7-10 days specified in my ArtFire Studio.  Tropical Hours is one reason that I specify 7-10 days handling time for shipping.  

Happy Kazooing To All!


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