Sunday, November 24, 2013


From time to time I will be in the process of smoothing in a kazoo when I discover a flaw or blemish in the wood that will not be removed in the smoothing in process. Most often this is a very small stress crack in the wood that is barely visible and has no effect whatsoever on the dynamics of the kazoo. The problem is completely cosmetic in nature. I call these "Grade B Kazoos" as opposed to my other kazoos which are "Grade A". All of my personal kazoos are "Grade B Kazoos".

Until last week never had I had more than one of the "Grade B" Kazoos at a time but I ended up with four! Two Dual Resonator Ultimate FatBoy Kazoos and Two Spirit Chaser Kazoo's that I just happened to rough in all from the same piece of woodstock. Well sure enough there was an almost identical hairline stress crack on each, in the same location on the kazoos that could not be removed in the final smoothing in.

These four "Grade B" Kazoos were just to danged pretty looking and great sounding to put on the shelf. So I decided to make a new kazoo category in my ArtFire Shop called "Bargain Kazoos" and make these beautiful kazoos available at a much reduced price. As I said I don't normally have these very often but in the future the one's I do have will be listed in the "Bargain Kazoos" Category/ Here's what I have there now.

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