Sunday, November 24, 2013

Special Edition Christmas 2013 Custom Convertible FatBoy Kazoo (Electric/Acoustic)

I am very happy to introduce this years Special Edition Christmas Kazoo.  The Convertible FatBoy Kazoo (Electric/Acoustic), serial number 001/2013. This kazoo is referred to as "Convertible" for two reasons. First it is designed to accept the commercial Hummbucker Kazoo Pickup and can be played either acoustic or electric. Second it is designed so that you can position the kazoo in a harmonica neck holder mounting either on the vent or mouth side of the resonator cap. It comes with two resonator caps. An electric cap that is designed to accept the Hummbucker Kazoo Pickup and a standard thinner acoustic resonator cap. With the electric resonator cap you can play either plugged in or unplugged. The electric resonator cap has a wee different sound than the thinner kazoo when played acoustic. The taller electric resonator cap adds somewhat of a bell effect on the sound. The Hummbucker Pickup will not fit the acoustic resonator cap.

In addition to this being a unique first of a new kazoo design it has an absolutely remarkable grain pattern and wood color.  It was sculpted by hand to provide a beautiful presentation of the grain and color in the same manner I create my Collector FatBoy Kazoos.

You can see and hear a demonstration of this beautiful kazoo on my YouTube Channel at:

It is available now in my ArtFire Shop at:

Happy Kazooing to all!

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