Sunday, June 9, 2013


Greetings from the Old Kazoo Maker!!!

Well here I am starting a blog and really got no idea how to start. LOL  So bear with me as I try to lay out some sort of game plan. LOL    In fact I am not really sure to whom this blog is addressed.  Certainly myself if nobody else.  Perhaps family and friends.  Maybe that young man or woman who will be inspired by my kazoo creations and start
 the next generation of folk kazoo makers.

I was born and raised in western North Carolina out in the country on a ten acre small livestock homestead.  Joined the Navy after high school and did a lot of traveling for a lot of years.  Retired in 1991.  So I am basically an old retired Navy Chief turned Kazoo Maker!

I have been making wooden folk kazoos for local folks a long time and a couple years ago decided to offer them online.  In the beginning I sold ready made kazoos.  Today most all of my kazoos are "Made to Order".  My goal is to always be more than just a website with a shopping cart.  So I provide a series of three videos of each customer's actual kazoo being made.  A sort of video visit to the workshop for a few days as I make their kazoo.

I truly never know what kind of kazoo I may be making next. LOL  I do a lot of collaborations with performing musicians on new kazoo designs.  I do believe that I have the World's Largest Selection of Wooden Folk Kazoos in the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory ArtFire Shop.  Almost any kazoo design I have ever made is still available.  If you have a picture of it I can probably make another one but not a carbon copy!

I also make a variety of other folk instruments from time to time but kazoos are my favorite.

Well I guess this is as good of place to start the blog as any. LOL

Happy Kazooing To All!

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