Sunday, June 30, 2013


What a beautiful Sunday!  Despite the heat and rain! LOL  Great day to just mess around in the air conditioning.  First thing this morning just before sunrise it was perfect for some Pickin' On The Porch.  Lots of the time I am just messing around with different chord progressions and pickin' patterns.  Nothing like waiting on the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee and a guitar or ukulele.  For me it's like a time of meditation or prayer where the outside world stops and my focus is making music to please myself.

Here's a little tune that appeared this morning.  I kinda like this and will mess around with it more seriously later.  Already got some lyrics running around in my head.  Right now I just call it "Can't Get There".

I shot this video today with the camera sitting on the work table outside the workshop facing west.  The original video ran right at four minutes.  I compressed that video to play in one minute to match the length of the soundtrack.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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