Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The one question I am ask the most is what finish to use on the kazoo.


Personally I prefer the traditional beeswax finish for several reasons.  Foremost is that the beeswax is old fashioned way that has proven to be a beautiful natural wood finish for hundreds of years.  I also find it enjoyable to polish my personal kazoos and I love the smell of the beeswax.   How often you polish your kazoo is up to you.  I carry several kazoos in my kit bag and polish them all once a month. If I were out there playing my kazoo every day I'd polish them more often.  It only takes a couple minutes to polish a kazoo.

There is another more subjective reason that I prefer the beeswax finish.  I believe that kazoos finished with the beeswax have a warmer sound.  From personal experience with my own kazoos I also believe that warmth of sound gets better over the years of polishing my kazoos.

The Traditional Beeswax Finish is the selected by most of my customers.  Each kazoo with the beeswax finish is shipped with a tin of Doc's Kazoo Wax.

I make Doc's Traditional Kazoo Wax using 100% natural beeswax and pharmaceutical grade mineral oil based on a formula given me by an old furniture maker.  There are no other ingredients or additives.


I also offer a commercial Butcher Block Finish that is FDA approved for use on wood coming in contact with food for human consumption.  It's made for use on chopping blocks, wood plates/bowls, utensils, etc.  The Butcher Block sealer is more maintenance free and is great for people allergic to beeswax.  

The Butcher Block Finish takes longer to apply due the time required for it to cure between applications.  There is also an additional charge for the Butcher Block Finish.

So the bottom line on what finish to have on your kazoo is that most people choose the traditional beeswax finish but the choice is yours. :-)

Happy Kazooing,
Doc Kazoo

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