Sunday, June 30, 2013


uke-zoo-ist   noun 
a player of the ukulele and the kazoo
The One, Only And Original
Wigan, United Kingdom

Way back when I was a kid one of my favorite things to read was the Readers Digest.  They had a monthly article titled something like "The Most Unforgettable Person I Have Ever Met".   Readers sent in submissions for this article. Though I have never met Barry Barmcake in person I still consider him one of the most unforgettable "UkeZooist" it has been my great pleasure to cross paths with.

Since most ukulele players that I know also incorporate a kazoo of some sort in their performance from time to time. I came up with the term "UkeZooist" to best describe these talented musicians.  Though Barry doesn't use one of my kazoos he does use a commercially made kazoo occasionally. So he is in fact by the Doc Kazoo Dictionary of Kazoology a full flegged UkeZooist.

Unforgettable is the one word that comes to mind when I introduce Barry Barmcake to whom ever will read this blog.  I love his style, humor and music.  There are so many things that make his performance unforgettable.  Personally I love what I call the Barry Barmcake Road Trip music videos live from his motor car!  Occasionally accompanied by one of his friends.

As a new ukulele player myself I love his Facebook Page "Learn To Play The Barmcake Way".  I always learn something new when I visit that has really helped me learning to play my ukulele.  You can visit at this link:

I also love his YouTube Channel!  Here's one of my favorite videos!

You can always get a taste of  his Wigan style of comedy by visiting him at the Barry Barmcake Depreciation Society at this link:

Last but not least there is one thing that you have to remember is that Barry Barmcake is from Wigan, UK.  His native tongue is Wiganese.  But fear not, Barry has taken care of that as well on his other FaceBook Page "You Too Can Learn To Speak Wiganese"!

Please be sure and go to the links above and give Barry Barmake a visit. All you have to do is click a link and have fun.  Tell him Doc Kazoo sent you!

Doc Kazoo

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