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Now I have heard that said a time or two over the years when speaking of kazoo making. LOL    I bet if Stradivarius were alive today he would hear the same thing about his fiddles.   Without a doubt the science of instrument making does exist.  But equally the art of instrument making coexist with the science.

I know that different type woods will to some degree provide a different sound and can add or reduce the degree of warmth.  I also believe there is a difference in sound resulting from the type of  final finish applied to the instrument.  These factors are certainly more subjective to the individual listener.  

A few years ago I shipped a 6" Custom Performer to a kazooist in Nazareth, Pa who shared with me an interesting theory that he had with regards to kazoo making he called the "natural key".  It is a theory that I have tinkered around with making my 6" FatBoy Kazoos .  My theory is that when I follow the formula for a Fatboy Kazoo, each one I make will have the same dynamic range, power and control and overall performance.  By the way, each 6" FatBoy Kazoo has a natural key of E.  Well at least this is my part of the theory. LOL  It seems to work.  My FatBoys are consistently praised by musicians around the world in 21 countries!  I now use this formula on each of my made to order kazoo models.

The final sound of the kazoo is also based on the design of the resonator membrane and the specs for the paper and membrane used to make the resonator.  Since I designed and make my resonator membranes this factor is always consistent.

I believe in many ways our humble instrument, the Kazoo, has been sadly under estimated as a "true musical instrument"  and relinquished to the world of toy shops and first grade school bands.  To really appreciate the Kazoo as a musicial instrument one only has to take a look back to Delta music of the late 1800's around Memphis and New Orleans as well as the Ukulele music of the Roaring 20's.  Thank goodness there is a revival of Ukulele Music around the world and the humble kazoo is also enjoying it's own revival.  There is no better combination for a busker than the kazoo and ukulele!!  

So as I look back on what I just wrote I be danged if there ain' been a little Rocket Science involved all the time! LOL  If you get some time drop by the Yahoo Kazooz Group and take a look at some of the old patent pictures and specs for kazoos.  I think you will agree that there has been some science in kazoo making for a long time. LOL

Happy Kazooing To All

Doc Kazoo

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