Friday, June 14, 2013


Great Aswego Kazoo Factory Workshop

A year or so ago I accidentally deleted the Kazoo Factory YouTube Channel!!!With over 300 videos and over 300,000 video views!!!  Only to discover there was no way possible to recover any video!!  So the YouTube Channel everyone sees today is the replacement.

I am very happy to see that today the new YouTube Channel has over 10,000 video views.  It is really nice to get feedback from people saying how much they enjoyed watching their kazoo being made.

The other day in the workshop my brain got to working as I was making a kazoo.  Sometimes that can be good and sometimes it can be not good. LOL   I got to thinking about my approach to kazoo making.  When I add the time it takes to handle the video production department, shipping department and the workshop plus overhead cost I am well below minimum wage. LOL   However when I add the joy of making kazoos for people all around the world and the pride I feel when a performing musician sends me a audio or video with one of my kazoos at work entertaining I am a millionaire.  This is truly the greatest reward of all.  Except maybe getting air conditioning in the workshop.  :-)

Way back when I first decided to produce the update videos a friend thought I was crazy because of the time involved.  In those days my old computer would barely handle my Sony Vegas Studio software and it took nearly two hours to render a 7 minute video!!!!  What a trip that was when I had three or four videos to produce in one day. LOL   Thankfully those days are passed and the same length video now only takes around 30 minutes to render.  Before rendering there is an hour or so editing too.

The update videos have really been a big hit around the world!  A picture truly speaks a 1000 words and a video speaks millions.  Thanks to the Kazoo Factory YouTube Channel the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory will always  be "more than a website with a shopping cart!".

Plus making kazoos in the woods is a great place for an old retired sailor to spend his time and the world a safe place. LOL

Happy Kazooing To All and to All A Goodnight!


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